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Sometimes food is NOT for sharing

The general sentiment around cooking and eating is that it’s a lovely communal activity, something we should share with those we love to enrich our lives and our souls. Usually this is true in my household, too–most days, we all eat together as a family and isn’t it messy, noisy and chaotic lovely.

But not today. Today, I wanted a big, fat, sugary American cinnamon roll and I wanted it without a side of whining children who are eager to send me round the bend help. My husband took the kids to the park so I decided it was a great time to whip up a cinnamon roll for one: bring on the mug cake recipes! This food is not for sharing.

The link above takes you to the instructions for this delicacy. Before we begin, I’m going to tell you a few other things this blog/blog post is NOT: it is not a blog that uses phrases like “guilty pleasures”–you might find my recipe for pink goop below disgusting, but I still don’t feel guilty about making or eating it. It is not one of those food blogs with professional photos–I rely solely on my trusty iPhone and terrible sense of framing. It is not a gourmet blog where everything is the best thing you’ve ever eaten–I make food in my teeny tiny kitchen, with minimal implements and regular ingredients. It is not a lifestyle blog where everything is super healthy all the time and I look amazing and live a picturesque life.

This is a blog where, if I really need a sugar hit first thing on a Saturday morning, I make a cake in a microwave. It’s a place where, if I haven’t got powdered sugar, I substitute marshmallows melted in said microwave with a teeny bit of butter and a splash of milk (stir and you get a super sugary, glossy pink “icing” as per the pictures). It’s a place where you’ll find honest reviews of a mug cake recipe: even though this isn’t the best cinnamon roll I’ve ever had, it is pretty good and makes it possible for me to stop contemplating an expensive plane ticket home to Texas just because I need good junk food now (sounds like an oxymoron but trust me, it’s not).

So, to the cooking: I followed most of the instructions and found them accurate. I didn’t feel the need to be vegan today, so I did use regular butter to grease the mug and I spread a very thin layer of butter on the dough before sprinkling the cinnamon sugar (I used regular, not coconut). I cooked the cinnamon roll for the full 1 min and 10 seconds, but in hind sight, I’d shave 5 seconds off of that time. The dough is definitely not the same as a regular cinnamon roll, but it’s a good substitute, and on the whole I was happier eating this microwaved treat than some rubbish substitute I could find at the store (the Brits bake lots of nice things but when it comes to ridiculous excess, they struggle to match us Yanks).


As mentioned, I also made up a ridiculously pink goop icing to top the whole thing off. I’ve made marshmallow fondant before, so I knew I could probably whip up a decent “sauce” using a handful of these. I’m happy to say it worked well: teeny bit of butter (so they don’t stick to the dish), splash of milk (a tablespoon? maybe two), and a generous handful of marshmallows, microwaved for about 20 seconds, then stirred vigorously.


Otherwise, I followed the recipe, and I pronounce it solid. I ate the entire cinnamon roll in my silent, sunny kitchen and loved every bite.


Now I’m off to enjoy the remaining moments of solitude with a book. Happy Saturday!



Texan, teacher, writer, reader: that’s me in a nutshell. Originally from Texas, I now live in London with my husband (he’s a Brit) and our two boys. I spend my time devouring books (especially young adult/middle grade fiction), baking cookies and generally going in ten directions at once. More than a decade ago, I moved to London for a teaching job, met my husband, stayed, and started a family. The last few years have been a whirlwind: in 2013, we moved to Austin, TX and I decided to stay at home with our son; in 2014, we bought and renovated a house in South Austin; in 2015, we welcomed our second son at a local birth center...and in 2016, we packed up and moved back to London! 2017 is set to see more changes as our eldest little starts school and I head back to the classroom. Read on for renovation info, book reviews, creative writing posts, and the general flotsam and jetsam of my life.

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