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Entering a construction zone

Just a few hours ago, we handed over the keys to our rental back to the landlord; we’ll wake up in our own house in 2015! While renovations are complete on the existing house, the addition is still underway. For the next 2-3 weeks (in my mind, I say 3-4 to account for delays), we are living on a construction site with our toddler. But hey! At the end, we’ll have an amazing, customized home, right?

The house, including the addition to date, looks great. We’ve handed over 70% of the cash to date and encountered no major problems, set backs or unexpected expenses. Any budget increases have been at our request. My dad, the engineer and expert, had nothing but praise for the quality of the work he saw on site over Christmas. I think we’ve been incredibly lucky with our contractor and design choices. So far my only regret is maybe not putting an extra window in our master bedroom, but we’ll have to see what it’s like once we’re living in it.

Happy new year! Pics to follow…



Texan, teacher, writer, reader: that’s me in a nutshell. Originally from Texas, I now live in London with my husband (he’s a Brit) and our two boys. I spend my time devouring books (especially young adult/middle grade fiction), baking cookies and generally going in ten directions at once. More than a decade ago, I moved to London for a teaching job, met my husband, stayed, and started a family. The last few years have been a whirlwind: in 2013, we moved to Austin, TX and I decided to stay at home with our son; in 2014, we bought and renovated a house in South Austin; in 2015, we welcomed our second son at a local birth center...and in 2016, we packed up and moved back to London! 2017 is set to see more changes as our eldest little starts school and I head back to the classroom. Read on for renovation info, book reviews, creative writing posts, and the general flotsam and jetsam of my life.

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