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Aaaaand still waiting…

The permits are due back any day now, and our contractor assures us he’s spoken with the planning department folks. Apparently we are just waiting on one last signature for everything to be finalized, and he’s hoping to start pouring the foundation not this week but next. Here’s hoping…

Meanwhile, some work has started on the interior, mainly replacing trim and skirting boards. The wrong interior doors turned up, so we’re now waiting on the right ones. We also think some of the trim looks a bit shoddy but the contractor assures us it won’t look like that when it’s plastered and painted, but if we’re not happy, he says he’ll replace it. And we made it clear we might not be happy.

The waiting hasn’t been that bad, although I think that’s just because I’ve had a rough first trimester half of this pregnancy (I’m 17 weeks pregnant with my second child). Between dealing with morning sickness and our toddler, plus planning a long trip abroad in late November/December, waiting for the permits has been on the back burner. Now, though, I’m thinking about our move in date (Dec 31) and how much is likely to be completed (or not) by then. The project isn’t scheduled to be done until the end of January or early February, but I was hoping the noisiest and dirtiest work might be out of the way when we had to move in. I did make it clear that there’s no wiggle room at the end of this project’s timeline – baby will be due just a few weeks after the completion deadline. Fingers crossed, and final plans below…




Texan, teacher, writer, reader: that’s me in a nutshell. Originally from Texas, I now live in London with my husband (he’s a Brit) and our two boys. I spend my time devouring books (especially young adult/middle grade fiction), baking cookies and generally going in ten directions at once. More than a decade ago, I moved to London for a teaching job, met my husband, stayed, and started a family. The last few years have been a whirlwind: in 2013, we moved to Austin, TX and I decided to stay at home with our son; in 2014, we bought and renovated a house in South Austin; in 2015, we welcomed our second son at a local birth center...and in 2016, we packed up and moved back to London! 2017 is set to see more changes as our eldest little starts school and I head back to the classroom. Read on for renovation info, book reviews, creative writing posts, and the general flotsam and jetsam of my life.

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